As I am not a licensed health professional, and today more than ever there are many strange people lurking around corners, so I am poised to state the obvious as is required by law.

Please be aware that whilst Quantum BioEnergetics has produced remarkable results for many individuals it is not a replacement for any current medical program that you might be undertaking.  Should you require any advice with regard to undertaking any session of Quantum BioEnergetics then we suggest you speak to your health professional prior to the session. We are not licensed health professionals, and as such should you experience any side effects or any other issues, then we suggest you seek advice from qualified health professionals.

I make no promise as to any healing you may receive or even if you will receive any such healing as a result of any session, the material provided on this site is provided in good faith for educational purposes only.  Should you make use of any material found on this site, or seek out any person related to this site, or receive any information or undertake any session from anyone related to this site, then you agree that you do so of your own accord and that you take full responsibly..