Booking a Quantum Bio-Energetics Session

Quantum Bio-Energetics

I have a dedicated room adjoining my home office where I perform all my sessions..  On average around 60% of my sessions are performed in my private room, but if you cannot come to me I can also travel, in fact I am equally happy to come to you as this can sometimes be more practical.

I live at Marsden on the South side of Brisbane.  Any location within about a 20 minute drive from my home is considered local and I wont charge any extra fees.

But I have been known to travel anywhere in Brisbane, Ipswich, Jimboomba, Mt Tambourine, Beaudesert, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba or anywhere in Queensland if need be.  This means I am able to travel almost anywhere if you desire (but of course if your not in my local area then I will charge some fees to cover my expenses)…

Booking a Session

My session times are anywhere between 7am and 8pm, please contact me via email or text to arrange a time for your session.

A Standard Session involving the Balancing Technique costs $135

Additional Information on an Axial Initiation is found here: Axial

Travel Costs

If your not available to come to me then I can come to you.  I live at Marsden on the South Side of Brisbane, if you live within 30 minutes drive from my place of residence then I don’t charge any additional fees for travel or time..

If you live more than 30 minutes from my residence then I usually charge an amount of $30 per half hour travel time to cover costs.  This is worked out on the forward trip and is usually then sufficient to cover costs to and from your home..  Please understand that this is not about making money its only about covering my costs.  Please contact me prior to discuss any travel costs, I much prefer to be up front and work out any additional costs prior to any Session..


At this time I am not able to accept onsite payment via credit cards.  You can however pay by credit cards safely and securely via paypal with the link below.

$135 Standard Session

If paying via credit cards using the above links, please make payment prior to booking a session so I can record this payment against your name..  To book a session after you have made a payment simply email or text me.

sorry.. I know its a bit painful not having credit card facilities at this time, but I am currently waiting for paypal to initiate their new system which will mean I can accept credit cards anywhere at any time.. I love using paypal as its the safest payment method worldwide, safe for you and safe for me, which is why I am patiently waiting for them to get this up and going….

Additional Payment Methods:

If you prefer you can pay by cash on the day, please let me know you will be paying by cash at time of booking.

Alternatively you can also direct deposit into my bank account – I can provide this information upon request.


Any Additional Questions

Please feel free to contact me prior to any session to discuss any of the above, or anything else mentioned on this website, my contact information is found on my contact page