Axial Initiation, Quantum BioEnergetics

Axial Initiation™

The Axial Initiation™ is a procedure conducted under Quantum BioEnergetics (QB) that appears to enable a personal evolution unlike any other. A structured multi-dimensional web in its mechanics, this process is conducted by qualified facilitators that are very experienced in the instrumental flow of frequency. This is a process that is felt, a kinesthetically fluid dance in balance rather than a counted out or memorized “routine”, and with each individual that chooses to undertake this it feels and is as unique as they are. Well beyond the physiological process of placement it is driven instrumentally, primarily by intent.

A student at a course once said, after observing the demonstration of the process, that it was “like you were playing the strings of life.” In observation alone the sacred beauty of this process is not lost. In experience, being on the table as it is put into place for you, it is exemplary.

An enormous personal shift, the Axial Initiation™ houses capacity to enhance your knowledge both of yourself, and at a higher level, of the journey you are upon. A process that continues to evolve and develop. This procedure brings in and re-establishes a communicative structure that enables us to standardise unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and ultimately, for our own personal evolution.

This weblike structure is part of a parallel-dimensional circulatory system, a multidimensional web, re-establishing functionality in the human energy anatomy, enabling the renewal functions of the human body.  An Axial Initiation™ appears to reactivate these lines, allowing for the exchange of light and information, a higher vibration through the DNA matrix, the reintegration of the subtle body.

Your Axial Initiation™ is completed over two one hour sessions, no more than 48 hours apart.

Please note: While not required, it is suggested that you experience 1-3 Healing sessions prior to receiving your Axial Initiation.

Reproduced with kind permission from Melissa Hocking

Who comes to looking for an Axial Initiation

I was asked this recently..  Do I need an Axial and should I have an Axial?

An Axial is very personal to each person, and as such I wont and will never suggest anyone needs an Axial, for some its not yet part of their personal journey.

I know that many who find there way to Quantum Bioenergetics have found there way because they are already looking for something.

The Axiatonal Initiation whilst it is very individual to each person will aid you on your life’s path, whatever that may be, and whatever that may mean or look like for you.

As stated above: “the Axial Initiation™ houses capacity to enhance your knowledge both of yourself, and at a higher level, of the journey you are upon”


The Axial

The Axial is completed over 2 Days and involves one session each day.

The Cost of the Axial is fixed at $333 and cannot be lowered or increased for any reason by any facilitator.

Travel Costs are never charged for an Axial..  An Axial is usually always completed at my home in my dedicated space, however if I do decide to travel to you for the Axial then I do so with the knowledge that I wont be charging any additional amount to cover this.

To pay for an Axial by credit card you can use the paypal link below, once you pay for your Axial please contact me to arrange for your session.  You can also make payment by cash on the day, or direct deposit into my bank account… If you have any questions please contact me prior to making any payments

$333 – Axial Initiation