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Quantum BioEnergetics

What is this form of healing?

Quantum BioEnergetics is a non-invasive hands-off form of healing.  The Facilitator immerses the body in quantum based frequencies, the body is then able to facilitate and appropriate healing for itself.  Thus all healing comes from within the body, its more like a recognition for the body as the body remembers these frequencies and relearns how to utilize them.

With BioEnergetics these quantum frequencies raise the vibratory level which your body is operating at during a session, yet the frequencies that are initiated during a session don’t stop once the session time is completed, but continue to work long after the session is over.


Melissa Hockings, a truly remarkable teacher:


The Quantum BioEnergetics Healing Facilitator

I have been asked many times if I am a healer and if I am performing the healing myself.  With Quantum BioEnergetics I will never call myself a healer, as all healing comes from with the memory of the cells, I am a facilitator of the healing process.

On another side of the coin I have also been asked to heal certain conditions, and with this I again always instantly point out that I am not the healer.  Yes you can come to a session with the intent that a certain condition be healed during that particular session, but this is essentially up to you and your body, and I wont intervene in that process.

Will I Get A Healing

Of course this is always without exception, a healing will always occur, when the body is immersed in frequency during a session of quantum bioenergetics this will always be the result, yet it may be different from what you were originally seeking.

Your body will prioritize what is to be healed during a session, many times a particular physical condition to which you may be suffering from may in fact be as a result of some other issue, maybe even emotional.

Today in our modern age science has told us that well over 90% of all hospital beds are being taken up with patients suffering medical conditions that have manifested from stress, anxiety, anger and all the other negative emotions we having been experiencing.

But What If I Want A Particular Healing

I will be open and honest and let you know that if you come to me asking for x condition or injury to be healed during a session and this is the only reason you want a session performed then I may not perform a session for you.

Why is this…  This is because by asking me to perform xyz you are putting me directly into the path of the healer, and not the healing facilitator.  But lets look at this a little more as its not all thorns, there are plenty of beds full of beautiful roses.

I have seen many many occurrences of clients receiving a healing for which they were hoping for.  I have had clients come to me because of physical problems with feet, knees, elbows and other similar problems, who have left with little or no pain after the session.  I have seen clients leave with the same amount of pain they suffered prior to seeing me, but reporting days later that the pain had now completely disappeared (as the session actually continues long after you leave the room).

Humans can and do effect the environment around us, quantum physics has proven this time and time again.  Scientists have run study after study and have come up with undeniable results that tell us that we impact what is going on around us.  So its only natural that if you come to a Quantum BioEnergetics Facilitor looking for a particular problem to be resolved you are already coming with that intent, thus this is where the realm of quantum physics comes in, thus you may get what you want.

Of Course I Have Played With This

Certainly there have been many times where I have played with these frequencies and applied them directly at a certain injury, if only to see what happens.  Many many many times I am amazed at what happens as a result from only a small application.  A recent incident comes to mind of a friend falling and twisting her ankle and being in immense pain, so I instantly went to work and after only a short period of time the pain had subsided.

So yes there is so much that is occurring that is way beyond even my own comprehension.

As a Healing Facilitator of Quantum BioEnergetics I know at a deep personal level that everyone receives a healing as a direct result of being immersed in these wonderful quantum based frequencies..  Every session is different for every person, and no two people will feel or have the same experiences during before and even after a session, as each session is unique to the individual.


Whilst you are here please take the time to read over the other pages on this site, especially the page that discusses the Balancing Technique; which is essentially what occurs during a session.

Should you desire a session please contact me, you can review my rates on the booking page, but please check over the rest of the site as this may help to answer any nagging questions you may still be having… However if you do have a question that you would like answered then please don’t hesitate to pop me an email or contact me directly.